GSoC ’17 with Sugar Labs – 2

Hello fellas,

This is my second blog post during my GSoC journey and I hope you all are having a great time.

We are gearing towards Coding period which begins from tomorrow, marking the end of the Community bonding period which went really well. The weekly meetings with the mentors and other GSoC interns helped us all to know each other and plan out a strategy as to how we will be working on our projects this summers.

Time to update you all with my weekly work :

  • Created a working prototype for all the effects of Timbre Widget. You can find the code here.
  • Created synths such as Amplitude Modulation synth, Frequency Modulation synth and others. For more details, you can find my code here.
  • Attended regular meetings with the mentors as well as all the weekly meetings with the community.
  • Fixed some minor bugs related to “box” block.

What I plan to do this week , i.e. till  7th June :

  • Clear my idea regarding the custom synth object.
  • Design custom synth object with all the required methods.
  • Document what “rate” means with respect to different effects, i.e. for tremolo , phaser and chorus.
  • As always, keep everyone updated 😀

I plan to accomplish the above tasks this week, concentrating more on code design.

So with the power of Javascript, I will be entering the coding period. Happy coding to me and all the GSoC interns : #CodingTheSummersAway 😀


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