GSOC’17 with Sugar Labs – 3

Ahoy there ! It seems like I have kept you waiting for more than a week , apologies my friends , just wasn’t keeping well with health . I hope all of you are in best of your health.

So, this is my third post of my GSOC journey and I would just like to quickly update you all with my work . Here  it is :

  • Effects such as Phaser, Chorus , Elec-tremolo, Distortion and Vibrato have been inculcated into Music Blocks which will be one of the key components of the timbre widget. In case you missed my previous post and want to look at the code, you can view it here.
  • With the power of Tone.js , the addition of custom synths is done , though we intend to integrate it later on along with more modifications on AMSynth.
  •  I have been trying to get the actual unit of time/factor by which “rate” increases in effects such as Phaser and Chorus.
  • Started with the UI of timbre Widget.

A number of iterations are needed for any product to improve and I think a lot of changes will occur as new ideas and suggestions will come. So, the things I intend to do for the next two weeks are as follows :

  • Finish with the basic UI of the widget because as I mentioned earlier, it will always be susceptible to changes. It’s already work in progress. You can  find my code progress here.
  • If time persists, I would also like to fix some small bugs.

Sometimes, it is a challenge to dive into large code  bases and create a new patch of code in sync with the existing code because you obviously don’t want to create a piece of code which achieves the same functionality as some other method in the existing code. Through GSoC, I am learning to take challenges as they come and work around to achieve the target in the most optimized way.

Hope you all have a great week ahead , meet you in my next blog post !




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