GSoC’17 with Sugar Labs – 4

Hello everyone ! Extremely sorry for not being able to publish my blog update in recent time but don’t worry ,doing it now  😀

So here is my update uptil now :

  • Completed the UI of the envelope widget and it’s fully functional in terms of working prototype.
  • I spent some time testing my envelope widget for any anomalies.
  • The work flow is pretty much straightforward after completing the envelope widget, So I am almost done with the working prototype of Filter Widget.

This is how the current timbre widget looks like :envvvv

What I plan to accomplish in the next two weeks:

  • I plan to include an interactive ADSR graph in the envelope widget but right now , I am trying to think of ways to create a user-friendly graph. Generally,  in ADSR graph , attack , decay and release have time parameters whereas sustain is not a time, but a percentage of the maximum value of the signal. It is a number between 0 and 1.
  • Complete the working prototype of  filter as well as synth widget.
  • Merge the working prototype of these three components, i.e. Envelope , Filter and Synth with Tone.js API.

So here’s what I have done and what I plan to accomplish in the next few weeks. I will definitely keep you all updated more often.

Have a great day ahead ! #CodingTheSummersAway


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