GSoC’17 with Sugar Labs – 5

Hola , finally my fifth blog post of my GSoC journey ! These two weeks have been nice in terms of my project’s progress. So, first I will like to brief you all on what I did in the past two weeks :

  • You can view my code on github.
  • I have completed the working prototype of all the Timbre Widget’s components, that is, Synth, Oscillator, Envelope, Filter and Effects.
  • Synth:synthss
  • Oscillator :oscillatorss.png
  • Envelope :envvvv
  • Filter :fliterss.png
  • Effects :effectsss

Now , I will describe what difficulties I faced :

  • The major problem that I faced was to make clamp adjustments of blocks that will be generated automatically if a user clicks on a component which is not present inside the Timbre widget. For example, an envelope block will be generated inside the timbre widget if a user clicks on the “E” button and the envelope block is not present inside the timbre widget clamp.
  • The second problem was to update the sub-parameter block of the Vibrato block but thanks to my mentors, Walter and Devin , they are always a great help !

What I plan to do in the upcoming weeks :

  • Testing and fix minor bugs that will be encountered.
  • Generate ADSR graph for envelope.
  • Merge with Prachi’s (co-intern) code regarding Tone.js API.

There is just one month left for GSoC ’17 to finish and my enthusiasm is still at its high! Looking forward to a productive week and final completion of my project 🙂

Have a great time ahead !



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